Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Akola


Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati

(Reaccredited by NAAC Grade B with CGPA 2.88)


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Student Welfare / Institutional Management Committees

Sr. No. Category Name of Committee Coordinator Members of the Committee Management Invitee Special Invitee
1. IM IQAC Dr. M.V. Shirbhate IQAC Committee Link
2. IM College Council Dr. H. J. Kharat All staff members
3. IM Admission, Attendance and
Time Table Committee
Dr. S A Kale Dr P. S. Pande, Dr. S. G. Kakade,Mr S. A. Kawale
4. IM UGC Committee Mr A.V.Thote Dr. S.K. Devade, Mr. A.V. Agrawal & All investigators of research projects and coordinators of COPs
5. IM Magazine, Journal, e-bulletin Prospectus and Publicity Committee Dr. S.G. Kakade Dr. A. M. Shelke, Mr. A. V. Thote, Ms. D. D. Mapari, Mr.P AGhuge
6. IM Finance and Purchase Committee Mr. A. A. Kulkarni Mr. N.D. Deshpande, Mr. A.V. Agarwal, Dr C.B. Kadu, Ms D. D. Mapari, Dr M V Shirbhate, All Faculty heads Hon. Nana Kulkarni Hon. Vasantji Khandelwal
7. IM University Examination Commencement Committee Mr R. P. Patil Dr. S. N. Nagre, Dr. P. S. Pande, Dr. P. M. Pisolkar, Mr. N. D. Deshpande
8. IM Annual Calendar Committee Dr. J. A. Sakalkale Dr. P.S. Dhabe
9. IM Result Monitoring and Mentoring Committee Dr. S. N. Nagare All Faculty heads and Head of the department Hon. Dr. Taratai Hatwalne Hon. Rajkumar Chaware
10. IM Feedback Committee Dr. A M. Shelke Mr. N. R Mahajan
11. IM Research Coordination, Remedial and bridge course Committee Dr. S.K. Devade Dr. S. G. Kakade, Dr. P. M. Pisolkar
12. IW Website and Technical Assistance Committee Dr. H. J. Kharat Mr. P A Ghuge
13. IM Environmental Studies Committee Dr. Nisha Warade Mr A. V. Thote, CHBs of EVS
14. IM B. Com. English Medium Dr. P. M. Pisolkar
15. IM BBA Mrs A. P. Khandelwal
16. IM BCA Dr. V. D. Mane
17. IM M A English, Language Lab Ms D. D. Mapari
18. IM M Sc. Chemistry Dr. P.S. Pande
19. IM Arts Faculty Dr S G Kakde Heads of all departments of Arts Faculty
20. IM Science Faculty Dr P S Pande Heads of all departments of Science Faculty
21. IM Commerce Faculty Mr S A Kawale Heads of all departments of Commerce Faculty
22. IM Digital Classroom Mr A V Thote Mr T B Sapkal
23. IM Seminar Hall Mr T B Sapkal, Mr P A Ghuge, Mr V S Bhagat,Mr R B Patil, Mr G R Upaddhyay,Mr D K Bansod
24. IM Generator , Power backup Committee Mr A A Kulkarni Mr Amol Dhotre, Mr V S Bhagat
25. SW Student Council Dr P M Pisolkar Dr. V. D. Mane
26. SW College Examination Committee Dr. A. M. Shelke
Dr A V Joshi
27. SW Library Advisory Committee Dr. P. S. Pande Dr. S.N. Nagre, Mr S R Tikande, Mr A Kolhe
28. SW Psycho-Socio, Career guidance, Counselling, Placement cell and Personal counselling Ms. D D Mapari Dr P S Pande, Dr N S Warade,Dr S A Kale, Mr P A Ghuge
29. SW Grievances, Anti-ragging, Anti-corruption etc Committees Dr. P. S. Dhabe Dr C. B. Kadu, Mr. N. D. Deshpande
30. SW Discipline, Sports, Yoga, Meditation and Gymnasium Dr C. B. Kadu Dr. P. M. Pisolkar, Dr. S.K. Devade, Dr. A. M. Shelke, Dr. M. O. Malpani
31. SW Women’s Hostel Advisory Committee Dr. A.R. Deshpande
Dr. S. G. Kakade
Dr. P. S. Dhabe, Dr. A. M. Shelke, Mr. A. A. Kulkarni, Mr. T B. Sapkal Hon.Dr. Taratai Hatwalne Hon Rajkumarji Chaware
32. SW Extension Activity Committee and Samajik Janiv Jagruti Committee Dr. N S. Sarap Dr. S.N. Nagre, Dr. V. D. Mane, Mr. S. A Kawale, Dr. A. R. Deshpande,Mr. G. M Ghonge
33. SW Alumni, Parents and Teachers Association Mr Mangal Sonone (President) Mr N D Deshpande (Secretary)
34. SW Add on Courses , Start up, Incubation, Innovation and Entrepreneur Cell Vocational Training Committee Dr. A. R. Deshpande Dr. S. N. Nagre, Dr. A. V. Joshi , Dr. S. A. Kale All coordinators of add on courses
35. SW Women Welfare Committee Dr. N. S. Sarap All ladies Staff members
36. SW Cultural Activity Committee Mr S. A. Kawale, Dr.D. D. Bhokare Mr. Sanjay Tikande
37. SW Swami Vivekananda Study Centre Dr. N. V. Warade All members of the Committee
38. SW NSS Dr M O Malpani,
Dr. Priya Dhabe
Mr S A Kawale, Prof. D. D. Mapari
39. SW NCC Dr C B Kadu
40. SW Competitive Exam & Guidance Committee Dr V. D. Mane Dr N S Sarap